Fun Things To Do in Brantford

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the beautiful greenery of summer and want to explore the beautiful city of Brantford, which is one of the fastest growing communities for families in Canada, or you want to enjoy the sun or drink some craft beers, there are tons of fun things to do in Branford this autumn. Here are some of our suggestions:


Check out the Wonderful Hiking Trails  

Summer is one of the most visually appealing seasons here in Branford. You definitely will not want to miss out on this natural beauty. Take your family and pets out for a little adventure and hike through these trails. Feel the warm breeze and enjoy some beautiful scenery. After spending a lot of time in the rushing city, you might want a little alone time with nature. This is the perfect way to get out there and enjoy nature. There is a trail for anyone of any lifestyle and age. If you’re looking for a detailed breakdown the various trails in Brantford, visit Brantford Hiking Trails.


See some animals at Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

This is a great family-friendly activity that is family owned and operated. You will be able to see and learn a little bit about the animal kingdom. Kids will enjoy seeing all the different kinds of animals, and they will be able to pet some at the petting zoo too. Get yourself and your family a light snack, a drink, and enjoy the stroll around the zoo. Have some fun in the warmth of summer since it will be perfect weather for going out.


See if there’s a show at Sanderson Center for the Performing Arts 

See if you can catch a show from the best performers in the country at the Sanderson Center. This concert hall has been restored from an old movie theatre and is designed beautifully with a great atmosphere, and high-quality acoustics. You will be able to see the stage from basically every seat in the house. This venue offers concerts and shows from local talents as well as international stars. There will be something for everyone’s taste, and it’s a perfect destination for a special night out with friends, families or your loved ones. It is located in a lively part of town, so there will be a lot of activities to do in the area.


Take in some beauty at the Glenhyrst Gardens

If you are looking to escape the stresses of life, you will definitely want to go to the Glenhyrst Gardens. Here, at the gardens, you’re sure to find some beautiful sculptures, picture-perfect gardens, and shady areas to indulge the beauty under. There is an art gallery and a tea room to enjoy some time in. These grounds are beautiful for wedding photography, events, and any other exhibitions. Sometimes summer camps will come here as well since it is a great place for kids and adults alike.


The Wayne Gretzky Sports Center

At this sports complex, you can find a nice track, multiple swimming pools, and four sizeable ice rinks. There are day camps and tons of athletics for kids to enrol in. You can even celebrate birthday parties here if wanted. If you are an avid gym-goer, there are weightlifting facilities as well as aquafit courses to sign up for. There is even a sports museum to check out for enthusiasts or hobbyists alike!


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